We have a diverse range of people,  all have different backgrounds and goals enjoying Project Warrior’s unique training methods.



“Shaun and James have created a fantastic strength and conditioning gym which caters not only for experienced lifters, but also novices like myself.

I noticed a steady decline in my own health and fitness after the birth of my second child in 2010. Having always been relatively fit and active prior to this, I tried many different types of physical activity including fitness circuits, cycling classes, running and box-ercise in a bid to try and get myself back into shape. I grew increasingly frustrated at the lack of results I was getting from these training methods, so I started looking around for other options.

I found out about Project Warrior through some friends, but I was skeptical about training at a strength and conditioning gym because I thought a) lifting weights was “guy stuff” and it makes you massive, and b) the best way for a girl to get fit was to undertake “girly” type exercise activities. Then I noticed Shaun had written two great blog posts about “Why Girls Should Lift”, and on the basis of those articles, I decided to arrange a trial visit.

I haven’t looked back.

I love how efficient the program is at Project Warrior and how quickly I have seen results. After just 8 weeks of consistent training, I have noticed huge improvements in my overall strength and fitness, as well my physical appearance. I actually look forward to heading to the gym to see how much I weight I can lift and what conditioning challenges are in store for me. I would highly recommend Project Warrior to anyone girl stuck in an exercise rut, or looking to achieve results efficiently.”

– Kasey M


“I walked into PW two weeks after I “busted” my knee (ruptured ACL plus high grade tear in MCL) in a full leg brace and obviously favouring my injured leg.

I’d been a circus aerialist for about 8 years and all the training I would usually do just wasn’t possible. I was looking for something different that would keep me fit but I also needed the support of trainers to keep me in line so I didn’t do something stupid.

After that first trial session I stopped favouring my injured leg and started feeling like I had two legs again.

I immediately signed up.

Shaun and James have been completely mindful of my injury. At the same time they’ve pushed me to try new things and haven’t let the injury stop me from training. I remember at one point a massive list of possible exercises listed on the white board, all of which I could do – complete with leg brace – I wished I’d taken a photo of it! Even when I realized I had put on some weight because of the more sedentary lifestyle I’d taken on, they took that into account with training and gave me different work to help me drop it.

At the beginning of April I had my knee fixed. I went into surgery strong. My leg had almost completely recovered from the muscle wastage after the injury and the hamstring was primed for the surgeon to take a piece for the graft.

I was surprised in the weeks following as I experienced very little muscle degeneration. My recovery has been quicker than expected. After two weeks I was back in the gym – gently and with specific instructions from the physio (Scott Muttdon – Bai Med) but none-the-less back. Two months out my dead lift equaled what I was lifting pre surgery. Both my physio and my surgeon have been impressed so far. The graft takes as long as it takes to recover, no changing that, but my leg, four months out, is pretty much back to normal. In some ways it’s better than “normal”. I am better than normal for this happening. I have found a completely new way of training, I am getting stronger and even hoping to compete in the not too distant future in power lifting comps. It’s not something I ever would have considered before I busted my knee.

Something else I’ve really enjoyed is watching other people with different goals train at PW. Some of it I can’t wait to try when my knee’s ready but other stuff I’m happy to just watch in awe. Everyone is really supportive and celebrate your wins with you. It’s not unusual for people to cheer someone else on when they’re attempting a PR – it’s a great environment to train in and I love the no headphones rule. People talk to each other instead, novel I know!

I’m really grateful that PW opened up in Wollongong. People have said that it’s my hard work that got me through this and yes it’s been up to me to do the exercises, turn up to sessions and be consistent. But I’ve been given great direction in my training, been given the right information to get me where I wanted to go and in the end had an awesome team supporting me. PW has been a huge part of this process and I am grateful to have found it when I needed it most.

Thanks Shaun and James for providing a great place to train, for being so diligent with technique and getting the right information and for building a gym community I enjoy being a part of. You guys are the best!”

– Kristina D



“I had completed many camps leading into previous fights. None of them included specific strength and conditioning for MMA. I knew where my weaknesses were and Project Warrior was able to deliver a program that not only improved these weaknesses but also kept me injury free.”

– Craig M

craig test

“I’ve been playing Baseball for 14 years,  including 4 years at state representative level. In 2014 earned a Baseball scholarship at Allan Hancock College in the USA.

I needed to experience athletic development and Strength and Conditioning at a level expected by my College. For the month leading to my departure Project Warrior tailored a program to address my needs. In that short time I noticed considerable improvements in my Strength and Power, and as a result I feel more confident leading into my first season.

I highly recommend Project Warrior to any Athlete who requires specialised training.”

– Bill D

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Wollongong Flexible Learning Centre is an alternative education setting in the Illawarra, catering for young people from year seven to year ten. The school opened in 2013 and currently has enrolments of 50 young people, ranging in age from 12 to 17 years.

Our young people come from a range of backgrounds, and have typically experienced a range of significant educational, social, psychological, legal or family issues which may continue to impact on their life journey. Many of our young people have experienced or continue to experience trauma. For these reasons, they are at a very high risk of disengagement.

Wollongong Flexi was invited to work with Shaun and James from Project Warrior in 2014. The trainers have been incredibly patient and responsive to the unique needs of our young people. Shaun and James have developed a program that empowers the young people to take risks in a supported environment and has given them confidence in their ability to achieve success if they put their minds and bodies into the task.

Over the course of the program, workers have observed young people grow in confidence through the experience. They stand taller, they feel stronger, and they are happier within themselves. Their increased strength and ability to keep going when things get tough has spilled over into the classroom, and workers have noticed that many young people now have more capacity to persist at difficult learning tasks rather than giving up at the first sign of frustration. The program has assisted to improve attendance rates at the school, as all young people want to attend on Project Warrior days. Some young people have even started attending the gym after school as well!

Most importantly, Shaun and James and all of the trainers at Project Warrior are wonderful role models of what it means to be a strong man for our young people – they are compassionate, hard working, kind and generous. We are fortunate that our young people have men of such caliber to look up to.

– Kate B
Head of Campus
Wollongong Flexible Learning Centre