Starting Strength is an 8-week program targeting Strength Development.


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Project Warrior’s signature introductory offer has been successfully and continually running for over a year.  We have proven results and 100% success.  There isn’t another more flexible yet closely monitored strength development program available in the Illawarra.

Are you an athlete who’s sport requires strength to be successful?

Are you no longer in your twenties and going to bed sore every night after your day at work?

Have you wanted to explore Barbell training but haven’t found that start point? Whether you are wanted to compete in Powerlifting, build a strong baseline to progress to Olympic lifting or simply wanting to injury proof your body from the stresses of everyday life, Starting Strength is for you.

Starting Strength provides a safe and progressive introduction to those new to lifting and includes the following;

• Expert Coaching on the 4 main Barbell lifts including video feedback.

• Individual Programming to track progress throughout the 8 weeks.

• Introduction to Mobility and Injury prevention.

• Nutritional advice to support your goals.

• Unlimited access to Project Warrior’s facility outside of your programmed sessions.

• Free Project Warrior Starting Strength booklet and Gym T-Shirt.

• This 8 week program is only $250 per person.


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