• Review: Dmitry Klokov Seminar

    Review: Dmitry Klokov Seminar

    Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Dmitry Klokov seminar. Dmitry is a Russian weightlifter who competes in the 105kg category. He is a World Champion and won the silver medal at Beijing. Had he not been injured directly before London it is likely he would have won the gold. He has just

  • Review: Beyond 5/3/1

    Review: Beyond 5/3/1

    Jim Wendler recently published his new book: Beyond 5/3/1, which is a revamp of his classic strength program. For those of you unfamiliar with him, Jim is a very famous coach in strength circles, as well as being a lifetime athlete and lifter. After a college football career, he ended up in Powerlifting, where he

  • Performance vs Punishment

    Performance vs Punishment

    What is your training programmed around? Performance or Punishment. I’ve noticed a trend evolving over the last few years in the fitness world, and it’s one that I don’t like. I’m talking about people who judge the effectiveness of a workout by how hard it was. I can’t tell you the number of times that

  • Weight-lifting Myths

    Weight-lifting Myths

    The other day a friend of mine hurt herself.  She tore her a ligament in her knee called the ACL. Tearing your ACL is an extremely serious injury, requires surgery, and it often takes up to a year to fully recover.  Now, if I said that she had hurt herself doing heavy squats what would

  • Active Recovery

    Active Recovery

    Active Recovery is exactly that “Active” I don’t like the term ‘rest day’. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that people should train every single day. I’ve been through periods where I was training so much that I would have actually gotten fitter if I hadn’t forced myself to work out two or three

  • Fitness Motivation – How Much Do You Want It?

    Fitness Motivation – How Much Do You Want It?

    When looking for fitness motivation, you need to ask yourself, how much do you want it? When searching for motivation we also need to understand it all comes down priorities.  How much do you want it? There is a finite amount of time in the day. We can’t devote as much time as we’d like

  • Corporal Cameron Baird, M.G.

    Corporal Cameron Baird, M.G.

      On the morning of the 22nd of June 2013, in Shahid-e-Hasas, Afghanistan, Cameron Baird was shot and was killed instantly. Cam was a Team Commander with Bravo Company of the 2nd Commando Regiment. His team was in heavy contact with the enemy and, as always, he was leading from the front. This was his

  • What Makes a Good Gym?

    What Makes a Good Gym?

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the gym five times a week if you’re not getting better, so what makes a good gym?“ The other day I was talking to a mate about a gym I had trained at (I manage to turn the majority of my conversations with people into talking about training),

  • The Battle of Specific vs General

    The Battle of Specific vs General

    Don’t fall into the “GPP” trap, understand Specific vs General You know what bugs me? When I look at the world of exercise, I feel like we got led down the wrong path; a path that was signposted ‘GPP’. For those unaware, or go to gyms unoccupied by Crossfitters, GPP stands for general physical preparedness.

  • In Defence of Simplicity

    In Defence of Simplicity

    Don’t forget Simplicity You know what bugs me? I’ve seen a lot of ‘Train like the Pros’ articles lately, and know quite a few people who debate how a particular world-class athlete trains with a view towards altering their own program. While I agree that hearing how one of the top level athletes trains is