• Inside Strength “News from inside the Gym” – 02 June 14

    Inside Strength “News from inside the Gym” – 02 June 14

    Many PR’s this week, congratulations to everyone and well deserved. Marcus squatted 5×5 @ 40kg. Craig pressed 48kg for 5×5, and pulled 135kg as well. Kasey pressed 23.5kg for 5×5, and squatted 3×5 @ 40kg. Anna benched 60kg for 5×5, squatted 90kg for 5, and deadlifted 120kg for 3. Shaun deadlifted 235kg x 1on a

  • What is Strength?

    What is Strength?

    Strength is the physical capability of force production. Technically it is the ability to produce maximal force, but in layman’s terms it is being able to pick up heavy things. There are essentially two components of strength: the muscular and the neural. Or, to put it another way, the hardware and the software. The hardware

  • Inside Strength “News from inside the Gym” – 16th May 2014

    Inside Strength “News from inside the Gym” – 16th May 2014

    News Its been another week of Personal Records and congratulations to all those who continue to improve. We welcomed Kristina back to lifting post surgery and also welcomed some new members Nathan and Kaylah to the Gym. Friday “Strongman” Session Session included the following activities; 1 – Timed 12 Type Flips and 1 lap prowler

  • What is Functional?

    What is Functional?

    I hate hearing the word ‘functional’ in regards to exercise. It’s not a particularly new word, having come from the rehab world, but it has exploded in popularity in the last fifteen years. Nowadays it is a near ubiquitous word amongst most of the fitness community. It is perhaps the biggest fitness buzzword currently out

  • Mass Gain 2

    Mass Gain 2

    My last article was about the mistakes I saw guys making in their journey to get jacked and tan. This led to several replies asking what they should do instead. So, since I try not to criticise a plan unless I have a better solution, I present a theoretical program for mass gain. I built

  • Mass Gain

    Mass Gain

    You don’t have to run a gym for very long before you hear ‘I just wanna get huge!’ This article on Mass Gain explains what is right and wrong with that statement. There are various reasons for doing a hypertrophy (muscle growth) cycle. A footy player might need to bulk up in his off-season, a

  • The Role of Conditioning

    The Role of Conditioning

    Conditioning, or cardio, is a very useful tool, but it’s often misused. Mostly this seems to be because people and trainers don’t understand what it is that conditioning is actually doing. So firstly we’ll look at what conditioning is, then we’ll talk about its three common uses : performance, fat-loss, and health. Each of these

  • Learning Resources

    Learning Resources

    It’s amazing how much fitness and training content is online out there. Unfortunately there is some really helpful stuff, and a lot that is completely awful. It can often be pretty hard to tell the difference without a solid background in training and coaching. I like people learning something about the principles of training, because

  • Why Women Should Lift – Part 2

    Why Women Should Lift – Part 2

    Welcome back to the second instalment of this article on women’s training. So last week we looked at some of the common myths involved with women doing some proper weight training. In this article we’ll look at some of the benefits; otherwise known as: What Will Happen Firstly, I’d like to emphasise that the differences

  • Why Women Should Lift – Part 1

    Why Women Should Lift – Part 1

    You cannot imagine the look of absolute horror some women give you when you tell them they should start lifting heavy weights. “But I don’t want to get all bulky and look like a man!” This always makes me grind my teeth in frustration, but it’s such a common response. The reason I get so