• An Off-season for CrossFit

    An Off-season for CrossFit

    CrossFit, as a competitive sport, demands its competitors be good at a large number of tasks; from Olympic weightlifting through to handstand walks. The attribute that underpins most of these tasks is strength. Unfortunately, the standard CrossFit programming isn’t a great way of building strength; especially once you get past a novice level of strength.

  • Australian Hero Games – 2014

    Australian Hero Games – 2014

    Ladies and gentleman, the 2014 AHG is just around the corner. If next level, grueling challenges sounds like something you want to be a part of, and it should, then be a part of it Workouts born from those who understand the truest meaning of the word challenge, and in honour of those who deserve

  • Coach: Zach Even-Esh

    Coach: Zach Even-Esh

    Recently I wrote an article about Joe DeFranco in the first of a series about some of the coaches who have really influenced me. In today’s article I’m going to talk about the original Underground Strength Coach: Zach Even-Esh. Zach lives in New Jersey, and runs two gyms there, called the Underground Strength Gym, or

  • Training Around Injuries

    Training Around Injuries

    So I’m writing this sitting with my foot up, with ice taped to my ankle. I was at MMA last night, and I rolled my ankle trying to defend a takedown. So I thought that I’d use this chance to talk about injuries, and what to do when you get injured. Firstly I want to

  • Teen Athletes

    Teen Athletes

    “Teen athletes require specialised training in order to succeed at their sport” There is a spectrum of people participating in sport; from professional athletes at one end, all the way through to primary school kids playing on the weekend. Each end of the spectrum is pretty simple. Elite athletes require specialised and arduous training in

  • Inside Strength Issue 4 – 02 July 14

    Inside Strength Issue 4 – 02 July 14

    This weeks PRs Strongman 8 Timed – Push Prowler (+45kg low bar) 1/2 lap then drag it back with fast rope x2 Anna – 2:35 Mick – 2:02 Andy – 1:53 Jake – 1:46 Timed – Carry MedBalls 1/2 lap, over 1 stand, then under 1 stand.  45kg / 55 kg / 65 kg Anna

  • Coach: Joe DeFranco

    Coach: Joe DeFranco

    There is an unassuming industrial complex in New Jersey. One of the identical warehouses houses a gym who’s name is world-famous: DeFranco’s Training Systems. Some of the top athletes in America train inside, under the guidance of the gym’s namesake, Joe DeFranco.   Joe D opened his gym in February of 2003. His current facility

  • Inside Strength Issue 3 – 20 June 14

    Inside Strength Issue 3 – 20 June 14

    This weeks PRs Strongman 5 Reps – Trapbar Deallift @ 1.5 body-weight Rich – 9 reps Mick – 12 reps Anna – 15 reps Mark  – 14 reps Dist in 2 mins – Prowler @ +25 with 10kg vest Rich – 3 laps Mick – 4 laps Anna – 3 laps Mark  – 4 laps

  • Starting Strength – Program Launch

    Starting Strength – Program Launch

    Project Warrior is pleased to announce the launch of our new introductory program. Starting Strength is an 8-week program targeting Strength Development. It provides an introduction to those new to lifting and includes the following; • Expert Coaching on the 4 main Barbell lifts including video feedback. • Individual Programming to track progress throughout the

  • What is Power?

    What is Power?

    Simply put, power is the capability to apply force quickly. Technically, power is force divided by time. It is the capacity which lets you jump higher, sprint faster, or punch harder. It is often also referred to as rate of force development, or RFD. There are two parts of the equation which we can improve: