Train at Illawarra’s premiere Athletic Development facility.

Most athletes, whether amateur and professional, are committed to reaching their full potential in their chosen sport. They spend countless hours on the field, pitch, or in the ring. But if they’re not part of a specific Strength and Conditioning program then they’re not doing everything possible to improve their performance.

Long gone are the days where simply playing your sport is sufficient to reach an elite level. Strength and Conditioning has a role to play in every athlete’s training. It must be specific to your sport, and tailored to your level of development and weak points.  S&C will never replace your sports training, rather it is designed to enhance and maximize your athletic performance.

At Project Warrior we are proud of our Athletic Development program.  Our Strength and Conditioning facility was designed with an emphasis on performance over appearance. With our coach’s backgrounds in competing, both in elite sports and on the battlefield, we specialize in making people stronger, faster, and fitter.

Our Athletic Development program has included an incredibly diverse group of athletes, representing Rugby League, Rugby Union, AFL, Gridiron, Soccer, Ballet, Mixed Martial Arts, Marathons, and Triathlons.

A ballerina and a professional fighter might not look like they have much in common, but they both do better in their sport by being stronger, more explosive, better conditioned, and more durable.

Athletic Development sessions are run daily in the mid afternoon and twice weekly in the early evening.  Check out our timetable for the most current session times.

Can you afford to be left behind by your competition?

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