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Welcome to Project Warrior


We are a Strength and Conditioning facility based in Wollongong, NSW. It is owned by two recently retired members of the Army Special Operations community, with a combined total of 26
years in the Australian Army, and 13 operational deployments between us.  Over this time, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience with maintaining peak physical fitness,
often in austere and demanding conditions.  We are only concerned with real-world fitness, using methods that we have personally tried and tested during our time serving.  We draw on what
we have learned both as Athletes and Coaches to allow you to achieve your own fitness and health goals. We understand that work and life often interfere with your training, we had to find
ways to keep fit with limited time, and work around the problems that our job could throw at us.

Project Warrior is a world class Strength and Conditioning facility.  We have a large range of lifting equipment, including squat cages, Olympic platforms and a full range of conditioning tools. We also have a purpose built 110m2 MMA training arena.

Project Warrior offers a broad range of fitness experiences, there really is something suitable for everyone.  Our membership includes a diverse group of people from young amateur athletes to professional MMA fighters;  women who have tried everything else without results to female powerlifters.  Regardless of your background this is the place to realise your true potential.

The Project is your journey to better Fitness and Health and the Warrior is the mindset you adopt through our training.

Your first session is free at Project Warrior however bookings are essential.  Come and  meet the coaches, experience the training and get comfortable with the facility before having to commit financially.  We don’t lock members into contracts and offer the following:

  • Casual Visits
  • 10 Visit Passes
  • Memberships
  • Personal and Small Group Personal Training
  • Athletic development for individuals and teams

We offer a 10% discount to:

  • Defence personal
  • Emergency services
  • Full time students

We also offer a range of activities to School, Corporate and Sporting Groups.

Our facility is available to other fitness and combat sport professionals for training or seminars.

Latest Updates

  • 13JAN


    Agility Ladders – We Need to Talk…

    Agility Ladders – We Need to Talk…

    I’ve been harping on the importance of movement skills for long time, especially for team sport athletes. Today I’ll focus on team sports because while movement skills are certainly important for sports like MMA and tennis, they are going to have different solutions, whereas team sports like hockey, netball, and all codes of football, are

  • 18DEC


    Christmas Opening Hours

  • 13OCT


    Off-Season Training Programs

    Off-Season Training Programs

    It’s that time of year again. The season is over; the grand final has been won (or lost); Mad Monday has passed without anybody getting arrested; and the off-season is finally here. The days of the off-season being just a chance to let yourself go and get drunk with the boys are long gone. Most